Dre Beverley (Brooklyn, United States) is a talented multi-disciplinary artist based in New York, born and raised in Brooklyn, who has been creating art since his early adolescence.

In the 80s Dre was a graffiti writer spray-painting at night and studying Arts and Advertising at New York City Tech during the day.  There Professor Dorothy Hayes motivated and mentored him.  Professor Hayes helped Dre develop his structure in relation to advertising and graphic design.  She also introduced various techniques to use in both the fine art world and the advertising world.  During this time Dre being highly skilled in typography.  

Dre has had many influences through his life but his very first influences were Ancient Egyptian culture and Pablo Picasso.

Picasso’s ability to master multiple art disciplines inspired Dre to go beyond paper and canvas, to create and develop skills in screen-printing, woodworking, cardboard crafting, and bookbinding. 

Dre’s artwork exhibits his talent in both fine art and graffiti. A visual chronicle of experiences in his life, people he has met, seen or hope to see, and a journal of his emotions. 



Dre is available for commissions and collaboration schedule permitting.  Some of the artwork on the website is available for purchase you may contact him for any information.